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Tips from a sports photog -- nope, not me!


  • Tips from a sports photog -- nope, not me!

    I've never been athletic, nor well-coordinated, but I have had some favorite sports teams -- the Chicago White Sox when I was in grade/high school (Nellie Fox, Luis Aparicio), the Pittsburgh Steelers, and, of course, the PHOENIX SUNS. I've been impressed with some of the great sports photos, and appreciative of the skill and timing necessary to capture some of these shots.

    There was a link at the DGrin forum that I followed and found this guy's site -- he has the credentials, the photos, and he has some tips on sports photography as a career, a business, and as a hobby -- which is the most likely category for most folks with an interest in sports photography from what I've read in his site. Worth a read for all action photographers, whether sports-minded or not.

    Catching the Light-- Sports Photojournalism by Jerry Lodriguss

    • Janet Petty
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      Sports/Action photography has long fascinated me. Sports themselves do not. It is the skill of the photographer that draws me, especially those in the older days who shot film. It amazes me that they were so proficient in their timing and exposures, that they managed to capture the truly defining moments of the games.

      Now days even common point-and-shoot cameras are capable of multiple frames per second; and the inexpensive lenses have glass that is tack sharp, it doesn't hold the same thrill as seeing a true sports photographer at work.

      The man you named above, Jerry Lodriguss, has some amazing, masterful photography. It also seems as if he is jumping wholeheartedly into the digital realm. His tutorials and tips are well worth the read. I especially liked the fact that he wasn't afraid to say how luck and past experience combined to capture some of the defining moments. It doesn't seem as if he is afraid give credit where credit is due instead of taking all the glory to himself like so many of the insecure photographers out there today.

      As for me, I was absolutely thrilled when I finally managed to capture the glorious moment of a young girl soaring through the air in a swing her daddy was pushing from behind. I won't even begin to say how many pictures I took to get that ONE.

      Thanks for sharing. Some of his tips will be added to my growing store of knowledge; and I will be a better photographer because of them.

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