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Timing is important in photography...


  • CJ Swartz
    started a blog post Timing is important in photography...

    Timing is important in photography...

    Timing is very important in photography. Getting up early, or waiting late in the day for a certain quality of light is common for photographers, as is waiting for the "right" moment in action sports photography, nature photography, and street photography.

    I've been waiting for the "right" time to visit Utah's Arches National Park, but it seems that I missed my "moment"...

    "The Wall Arch on Devils Garden Trail in Utah's Arches National Park collapsed last week. One of the largest and most photographed arches in Arches National Park...the arch was claimed by forces that will eventually destroy others in the park: gravity and erosion.

    Paul Henderson is the park's chief of interpretation."They all let go after a while," Henderson said Friday.

    Like others in the park, Wall Arch was formed by entrada sandstone that was whittled down over time into its distinctive and photogenic formation.

    The arch was more than 33 feet tall and 71 feet across. It ranked 12th in size among the park's estimated 2,000 arches."

    So I still have a lot of other arches to see and photograph when my timing is "right".

    • D Thompson
      D Thompson commented
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      The Arches is one of my favorite places. We went there in Feb '06 and Mar '08. I shot it in '06, but didn't make it back to Wall Arch this year. It is indeed a shame that someday they all will fall. Delicate Arch is another well photographed one.

      Yes, timing is everything. In '06 we had packed the cameras away and were leaving Devils Garden because the light looked like it had quit for the day. We were done and heading for the hotel. On our way, all of a sudden the skies opened back up and there was the light you patiently wait for. We had scouted a spot along Fiery Furnace and it seemed like an eternity getting to it. I brought the vehicle to a screeching stop, we jumped out, grabbed our cameras and tripods and ran to get set up before the light left again. We got maybe 5 minutes before the sweet light was gone again for the night. One of my favorite shots came in that 5 minutes.

      Hope you make it there as I have a feeling you'll love it. I know it's a good drive from Phoenix, but if I lived that close I'd be afraid of how often I'd have to make the trip there. You have some wonderful places there!


    • Janet Petty
      Janet Petty commented
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      I too like Arches and went there again in 2007 for several days of shooting. It was a toss up whether to go to Toroweap or Arches this year. Toroweap won. It was after braving the dirt roads of this part of the Grand Canyon and heading back to Utah that we heard of the fall.

      Now how about Yellowstone before the caldera blows? Geology waits for no man or woman. I don't think I will live long enough to see all of the places on my list.

      The earth is an amazing and a beautiful place.
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