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Photojojo, Horst on Flickr, & creating connections


  • Photojojo, Horst on Flickr, & creating connections


    has a twice-a-week newsletter aimed at sharing ideas for taking pictures. Today's idea looks at adding an object to a background that creates a connection between the two. Their example focuses on a photographer -- Horst (hb19 on Flickr) who "finds the perfect sky or set of clouds and gives them their object counterpart. The cloud shooting out from a bottle’s top. The sun’s perfect, shiny orb behind his ET-like finger. The fluffy ice-cream cloud on top of its cone. hb19 gives new meaning to the art of cloud watching."

    Take a look at this link of his slideshow -

    • palms
      palms commented
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      I hope to have a try soon as we get a lot of jet streams over us, the biggest problem at the moment is getting the blue sky ! plenty of grey around


    • mjimages
      mjimages commented
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      Great idea, it shows you are a great lover of photography... I have been fascination with clouds and their formation for years....

    • CJ Swartz
      CJ Swartz commented
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      mjimages - do you have any examples of yours to add?
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