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Uh, oh - I'm feeling that new camera urge...


  • Uh, oh - I'm feeling that new camera urge...

    I am quite happy with my Nikon D40, and have not outgrown it yet, I fear, although I am trying. There are things that the D40 cannot do (auto-focus with lenses that are not AF-S), and I have relied on AF to help my tired eyes for years. I have tried to manual focus my 50mm AF lens, and I can get close... sometimes. The D40 cannot bracket shots - but I could change settings myself (puff, puff, perspire) and help it along to create files for HDR processing. The ISO range is more limited than I would like, and there are some other areas that could chafe my photographic sensibilities if I expand those sensibilities. I am taking a photography class, and am trying to improve my skills.

    But, of course, what truly has happened is the announcement of the new Nikon D7000 -- a delicious looking piece of photo gear from its magnesium alloy skeleton and its 39 focus points to its expanded ISO range of 100-6400 [up to 25,600 ISO extended], new sensor, and dual slots for memory cards - and only a teensy bit heavier than the D90. Of course, it's also more expensive, and I have yet to earn a dime off my photography. But that is logic, and there's time for that later. Now is the time for desire, fantasy wishing, and camera lust. It's good for the economy. Yeah, that's the ticket !

    Chase Jarvis - D7000 Road Test

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      Doug - I'll be looking forward to hearing your opinion of the camera (I'm not getting it anytime soon ). There will be firmware upgrade very soon to address some complaints about hot pixels during video usage... if you ever use the video. Hope you love it. I'm waiting to see how some other expenses work out, and it there's money left next year - I'll consider it again.

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      D7000 Review by Thom Hogan, noted Nikon authority.

      "Bottom line: the D7000 an excellent consumer camera. Nikon has upped the ante with the D7000 and produced a real winner. It's very hard not to like the camera, and it takes images that ought to be good enough for just about anyone."

      He writes about the photo forum fears about over-exposure and hot pixels - worth a read if you are considering, or bought the camera.

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      Didn't ever buy the D7000, but did buy a second-hand D90 a few months ago and am happy that I did. It allows more custom settings than the D40, auto-focuses the 50mm lens I kept from film days, and delivers images that are at least as good as the D40. I can now bracket shots for HDR - but I haven't done any yet. (!!??) I helped the economy a little bit, but not as much as if I'd bought the D7000 -- which means I hurt my budget less! Now if I can just avoid buying one of those lenses that I keep drooling over...
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