ok, this looks pretty much like the forums. it's a bit different getting started, but the controls and layout are familiar.

so, let's see what this thing can do as far as images...

ok, image capabilities seem to be the same as the forums.

alright, so i wanted to put one of my images up here i use the 'attach' code/tag.

i hope the 'attachmentid' is the name of the attached file.

ah, it's not the file name. there is an actual id assigned. you can see it if you mouse over your attachement.

oh, there's a draft entry. that's cool.

turned off e-mail notification. good.

not sure what the 'notify blogs linked within this blog entry does... ah, click the question marks for help. ok, i get it.

well, let's see how this looks...

some more editing to arrange things a bit neater.