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    Ok, so what can this program do? You got a nice, long-winded text review above. So, let's see some pictures!

    Here's an original of mine I'll use for this to start with: [ATTACH]3[/ATTACH]
    I took this years ago and never did anything with it. Then, a year or so ago, I found the old negatives, scanned them into the computer and touched things up a bit. This is one of the pictures I use when I'm testing filter making.

    Here's an image done up with a filter I made. The filter name is 'Fall Colors'. It was made based using one of Danny Raphael's images posted in the art forum, and that's where I got the idea for the filter name: [ATTACH]4[/ATTACH]

    And, here's another using a different filter. This is also a filter I made. It's called 'Lab Experiment' and is based on L.a.b. components within FF: [ATTACH]5[/ATTACH]

    The number and type of filters one can make is nearly infinite. And add one to infinite to get the number of possible effects one can apply to another image.

    • Craig Walters
      Craig Walters commented
      Editing a comment
      hi patricia

      thanks! yes, filter forge is definitely addictive. my only hope is that i'm not annoying everyone completely to death when i say 'ok, this one was done with a filter forge filter.'
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