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Retouching DVD.... threat? : )


  • cricket1961
    started a blog post Retouching DVD.... threat? : )

    Retouching DVD.... threat? : )

    Due to a lot of flak from my agents and quite a lot of encouragement from members here and retouchers in the industry, I have decided to do a tutorial DVD. Much to my agents dismay, she would love a book instead but I am the king of procrastination and not really liking to write, the two don't mix well with deadlines.

    Not that I like to talk either though. I'm kind of a mime retoucher....

    So instead of ursuping a existing thread and to consolidate suggestions from people on what they would like to have included in content, this post now exists.

    Originally, and hopefully still, this will ideally be about skin. In the future I will do one about Apply Image and Calculations.

    It has been blatantly told to me by some unknowing members that they would not mind watching me retouch a model for 5+ hours. Honestly, it would be a lot of time watching a silent movie. Except maybe some sounds that should be edited out(better left unsaid).((please)).


    • cricket1961
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      I don't believe that speed retouching will be apt in this instance. Not ruling it out though.

    • OperaFan1981
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      Mr. Tartantino,

      I've been an admirer of yours and I look forward to your DVD.

      Best in health,

      ronald n. tan | photographer

    • DC_Headshots
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      Id love to learn more about HDR and also Im having some trouble with local contrast so maybe something on that and evening skin tone.
      (Im a newbie!!!)
      ((Anyone have any good video tutorials out now?))


      Kristina Sherk
      Washington DC Headshots
      Washington DC Retouching
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