As most can tell I have not been around or available for a while now. Lots of reasons, both good and bad.

To get the bad out of the way, I am not a fan of potshots and things were getting a little heated in areas here. And as ironic as it is going to sound on this post, it has not been my intention to just lure people in an sell something. Kind of like the snake oil salesmen of yesterday. I care very much about my work and how it gets done and how it can get better. As a lot in the industry know I am also one of the few that WILL tell how to do something if I know how to do it. I have never in the 18 years using Photoshop kept my mouth shut. Sometimes to my detriment. More often not. Being the son of Two dedicated teachers, and an active teacher of Music and Martial Arts/MMA, I will continue to so so. Keep my mouth yapping that is. Teaching is in my blood and as long as I try to keep quiet, I can't. It blurts out at the wrong times and turns into a splurge, an unstoppable venting of info.

So if you are there and catch it all and it helps... great!

If you are there and catch it.... and meh. Thanks for at least assembling.

And lastly if you are there and get nothing from it... thats ok to. There is always more knowledge out there for you to find and I am sure you will.

As for the DVD, yes it is finely moving on forward now.And because of its extreme lateness (at least to me) means that it will be limited in its scope and only be about skin. And very limited to even that in scope. Focusing on what it is most people asked for most.
And hopefully will not be done before I find distributorship options.

The rest, calculations, masking, brush building, obtuse uses of tools, utilizing the mixture of blend modes, and more will be available when I can.

Thanks you so much for your patience on this and by all means if you see something else
out there that is available and meets your purposes, go for it.