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DVD Image Example


  • cricket1961
    started a blog post DVD Image Example

    DVD Image Example


    As promised although a week late, here is an example image from the dvd.

    Here is an example on what to expect with the dvd. This image is a little cleaner than some of the ones that will be on it, but it shows the direction that will be taken with most.

    I have a variety of different skin colors to show that all have bad skin, but not all can be done the same way. Therefore a variety of different techniques to get these kind of results will be shown. If
    I get really ambitious I will show more than one way on some of the images.


    • Curtis Copeland
      Curtis Copeland commented
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      This will be helpful with portrait photography. Thanks for sharing!


    • LloydM
      LloydM commented
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      Hmmm..... Waiting for the DVD

    • olivera1975
      olivera1975 commented
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      You will have it available for download too?
      Anyway, this is my Christmas gift... I can't wait!!!
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