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Soft Light Layer Example


  • cricket1961
    started a blog post Soft Light Layer Example

    Soft Light Layer Example

    On a thread about D&B techniques, I was asked to post a example of what one of my soft light layers looks like. Here is the link to that thread, the post is on the 3rd page.

    For those not wanting to go there, but please do, here is the shot posted.

    • cricket1961
      cricket1961 commented
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      If I can dig it up again I will post a snapshot before and after.

    • ilegales
      ilegales commented
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      Yes that would be great -

      i am a visual person and the before /after shot will make the softlight layer more understandable.

      many thanks Chris

    • marksees
      marksees commented
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      Hello, This is Marksees. New to the forum. Looking forward to learning from all you guys and gals. - Thanks for being here for all of us willing learners. In addition, if I can share in some small way I sure will do so.

      Thanks again to you all.
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