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Tutorial access issue fixed


  • cricket1961
    started a blog post Tutorial access issue fixed

    Tutorial access issue fixed

    It seems that the link posted earlier in my blog has been interrupted. Sorry about that.

    Here is a indirect route to the tutorial. It is not a direct download of the pdf as it was previously, but a link to the page that it is hosted on. There you will find others by me and also from some other prolific Photoshop users.

    Please note that the video for my Clone Source Tutorial is not yet available. production issues on my part( need a newer mac! : (


    • neofragoso
      neofragoso commented
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      Any idea when your dvd will be done?

    • Elipand
      Elipand commented
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      I have not been here for a long time because of computer problems.
      Now I am trying to watch those tutorials (video ones offered free here) but everytime I try the computer gets frozen.Any hints to help would be appreciated.

    • Asiris
      Asiris commented
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      Hey Chris! How is it going with DVD? Any news?
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