It's been a while since I have posted. Last November, and while I'm not the most social of people I'm not a recluse either.

Thank you to those who sent me best wishes with my neck injury. It is quite difficult to stare at a monitor to do any retouching at all. As you all know,, its nearly impossible to NOT tilt your head this way and that while looking at a image on screen And while the rotate feature in CSPS 4 helps a lot it is still very tiresome.And quite painful.

I see that there have been a LOT of GREAT posts by people in the forums. The luminosity mask technique has been a favorite of mine for years and I find it hard to NOT use it when I color correct. In fact with the same technique it is possible to isolate colors well enough to not have to use any making tools. Even quite subtle ones.

I think that by now there are a lot of people who have done the upgrade to CS4. At least I am hope so. Its a great upgrade to the program.

I have posted another tutorial on the PMA site. It is on the changes and added capabilities of Color Range. You can access the tutorial here:

This is a link to the page that is hosting the PMA tutorials, and not to the tutorial itself. PMA did a restructuring of their site and it seems like there have been problems (still) with past tutorials.

And to those who have been asking, yes the dvd is still going to happen. I just can't really say when. It all comes down to how well my neck can tolerate my looking at a monitor all day and going home to stare at it all night to get it done.

By the way. Adobe has retooled their Help forums quite nicely and are a lot easier to get around. Also the mediators are prompt and usually thorough in the help they give.
If you do happen to go, stop and say hello as I am one of those mediators. You can find me in the Lightroom, Bridge, Camera Raw, and of course Photoshop forums.

As well, Adobe has selected me as a Adobe Community Expert. Something I had never heard of until I was told I was nominated. It seems there is a board review etc after you have been nominated that goes on for weeks. If you are interested here is a link:

And yes I am quite proud of it.It is always the ones that you don't know about or never expect that make it all worth while.