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    Upcoming Live event

    Just to let every one know that there will be some of my techniques shown in this event, it is not all of them.

    While I do try to keep things below a step or two to get an image done, it just doesn't seem to work all of the time.

    Ok, most of the time.

    But consider this a good intro to what the DVD will bring about.

    (Yes... it is still going to happen... sigh.)

    The only thing that I ask in regard to this live event is that:

    1) Hecklers need to stay front stage. I can't see that well so you need to be near so I can bean you with a tomato.

    2) a) I realize that no one does the same technique the same way and gets the same results. I ask that this is remembered by everyone attending.
    b) I also realize that not every one does a technique in the same manner (could be the start of the difference thing in "a".) I actually applaud that. This is by no means the end all for any technique to achieve these results.
    c) I also realize that my style (or the time it takes to get there) is not to be expected to be used on each.. and... every ... image. But hey, that your choice. : )

    I hope any one who DOES attend learns something that enables them to either change and adapt into their workflow, or that the how and why of these techniques are cleared up for you.

    (It really doesn't need to be difficult)

    Oh and please mind the last call (or the gap). Whichever one makes a connection for you.


    • cricket1961
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      P Fuzz

      That process will be in the tutorial that will be posted in a week or so. The tutorial goes into quite a bit more detail and additional masking using the same process. I will be posting the url as soon as the publisher posts it.

    • P_fuzz
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      that will be amazing, thank you very much!!!

      looking forward to it!

    • gamedonechanged
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      I will hope to make the next one. Seems like I was too late to this part. I look forward to the DVD though.

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