Ok. So the "upcoming event" happened awhile ago and I believe it went well. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad that people learned something from it.

I have written a tutorial about the selective color masking that I briefly talked about and showed during the "event", and it will be posted soon. It goes past the saturation mask demonstrated a bit, but leaves a lot of room to explore. Its really quite intuitive and I'm sure will be grasped quickly by all. I'll update here when I now what that url is.

As for future events, I know that there is a lot of questions about the use of calculations, luminosity masking, and other retouch techniques that I use. Unfortunately, the only way that they will come up in any future RetouchproLive events is if it is already incorporated into the image being used. So what you are looking for can pop up at any time or not at all, or further down the road awhile.

As mentioned in the write up for the previous event, I do make available individual training sessions through the web very similar to what the past event was. The difference being that its one-on-one and it would focus on what you would like to learn and take the time to learn it instead of a quick going over that is not available en masse. I do, however, for the sake of learning the tool as best as possible, limit how many subjects can be covered in any given session. And unfortunately, due to time zone differences, timing can be a bit off. But I do make an effort to accommodate.

So until the next event that I am involved in, keep experimenting
and check out the talent that I am sure will be showing up in future RetouchproLive events.