My computer has been down since .... well minutes after my last Live RP Webinar. Not hours but minutes. And not much longer than seconds.

All from a bum hard drive.

This has bummed out several people who were scheduled for private lessons, and I greatly apologize for that.

I am still amazed that the Apple store had the part in stock, actually brought the hardrive out and showed me. Cool! Can get it done in an hour!

Nope... This will take 3-5 days per the AppleGenius but 5-8 days per the invoicing.

So my retouching is at a dead halt, as is my developing. I should be thankful for the break, but it is detracting from so many things that
NEED to be done!

When I get the computer back, I will indeed post ANY action mentioned in my last webinar here as a step by step tutorial.

Hey come on. If I just put up the action itself I am not teaching you am I?
Besides, they are such simple things... really.