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Webinar Suggestions.


  • cricket1961
    started a blog post Webinar Suggestions.

    Webinar Suggestions.

    Hello Folks!

    I'm glad that so many of you are getting something from my webinars. Always happy to hear that "open thinking" is occurring.

    In the future, I have plans for additional Calculations chows, Apply IMage shows, Gradient Map shows, and eventually.......the custom filter...

    Of course I am going to continue to do Beauty Retouches for all as long as they are needed.

    But, please feel free to give me ideas for what you want ME to delve into for you in the hope of opening any doors that are locked etc.


    • Janet Petty
      Janet Petty commented
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      I'd like to see something extracted that has a messier background, something not high end but more like someone a little above the average person might take. It seems to be the little things in a messy background that gives me the most trouble.

      I know, I explained that about as clearly as mud; but I hope you understood. Not all of us are high end retouchers; and most of us will not ever be. But we all have what could be a beautiful portrait if it had that extra pop of another background.

      Your shows have helped me not only with portraits, but with scenics and macro work. I have learned so much. Calculations is another step that takes me on the path to being a better "fixer" of blemishes. Now if I could finish climbing the hurdle of messy background, I'd feel much better.

      Thanks again for sharing your expertise and for being a good, patient teacher.


    • cricket1961
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      Hi Janet

      Do you mean removing the background and replacing it with another one?

      Or making the existing background and enhancing that?


    • littlealton
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      Keep doing what you're doing Chris. You are amazing and incredibly generous in what you are up to.

      Warmest Regards,
      Mark Borderud
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