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Corrected Separate Channels Action


  • cricket1961
    started a blog post Corrected Separate Channels Action

    Corrected Separate Channels Action

    I have added in the missing RGB channels to the action.

    And corrected a misnamed channel.


    • Carolina Carrie
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      This is my first webinar, and I ran out and bought an earphone/microphone set when I read that was the way to go. Everything went smoothly, and I enjoyed getting an idea of how calculations works. Since then I downloaded the HSB/HSL plugin and installed them, and have been playing with it. Also downloaded the action. When I run the action it gives an error msg that it can't delete some of the channels, and I just click "continue." I hope this doesn't change the functionality of the actions.

      Another thing I have not been able to replicate is how you brought up all the thumbnails of all the channels. When the actions runs it brings up actual pictures, and then they all seem to get deleted except the rgb channel picture and another channel - probably the one I initially selected when the plugin started.

      I did manage to get a mask on one picture and then used the curves to adjust it, and could see the change in the final image, so think this is the gist of what the calculations do, but I have a long way to go to create good masks and am confused as to which channel to choose for the best mask, and how to modify the chosen channel (or if I am supposed to do that), to make a better mask selection.

      I am using CS3, so maybe this is one difference in creating the channel thumbnails to review. Would appreciate any suggestions.

      Another thing I had a problem with was trying to follow on the screen the tiny prompt, and what you did with shortcut keys, and I was glued to the monitor for the whole time. I was in the full screen mode also.

    • jostat
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      Question: what is HSB/HSL?


    • cricket1961
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      HSB = Hue-Saturation-Brightness
      HSL = Hue-Saturation-Luminosity
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