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Sad news regarding my forthcoming book


  • Sad news regarding my forthcoming book

    Hello All

    Despite a ton of work that went into creating my book and delivering what I believed people wished to see and learn about, there was a vast difference of opinion with the publisher.

    So.... due to Creative differences I cancelled the contract with the publisher and am now preparing to find a new publisher or will be self-publishing.

    If you have placed an order(and apparently a huge number of people already did.... my apologies to all of you!) please cancel the the order.

    As soon as I have new info about this I will post here.



    • steve1
      steve1 commented
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      How about going it alone and doing a downloadable pdf book from your site? Also, if you ever do a DVD - I'm ready with my credit card!

      Your work is inspirational. Thank you for sharing your methods.


    • wybnormal
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      Been there, done that. I went with Self publishing using Got an ISDN number, offered hard copy and ecopy. The PDFs were more popular by far and my take of the PDF was like 90% vs. 60% or so for a dead tree. In the end, the PDF outsold dead trees about three to one. Now days I would redo it all to ePub format to support iPads and like correctly.

    • photo0016
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      How about selling a PDF version?
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