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How I read blogs


  • Doug Nelson
    started a blog post How I read blogs

    How I read blogs

    I know a lot of users are still trying to get their head around "what is a blog?", so I thought I'd offer my own experience.

    I use a program called FeedDemon. There are lots of alternatives, many of them free. I just happen to like FeedDemon.

    When you discover a blog you'd like to follow (more on that later), just find the RSS feed (the little orange icon over on the left here), copy the URL to the clipboard, then in FeedDemon click Subscribe. It automatically reads the clipboard and (after a couple of OK clicks) adds that feed to your listing.

    If you're browsing from within FeedDemon you don't even have to do all that. Just click on an orange RSS icon and it assumes you want to add that feed.

    From that point forward you'll never have to visit the actual blog site, at least not to see if anything new has been posted.

    I have over 100 subscriptions, and I'm able to scan them all in just a few minutes to see if there's anything interesting posted (frankly, that's rare). But I'll usually be able to find 5 or 10 interesting reads.

    And many times one article will lead you to another blog, which may (or may not) provide you with something else you'd like to add to your subscription list.
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      How many blogs do you subscribe to? I thought so.

      Just as you have to look at photographs if you plan on making your own, and you need to read novels if you plan on writing one, if you want to blog well you have to read good blogs.
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