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Why spelling counts


  • Doug Nelson
    started a blog post Why spelling counts

    Why spelling counts

    The few times I've tried to help someone with their spelling in the forums I'll get either no reaction at all, or some variation on "I don't need your fascist rules, man. I write how I feel".

    But the hard facts are, if you're looking to get responses on the internet today, you're reliant on seach engines such as google. And those don't take spelling into account.

    So if you're looking for information on Photoshop, but type it as Photoshpo, forget anyone ever finding you via google (unless they just happen to match your spelling error).

    The 6th most common term typed into google that leads people to this site is "thesauraus". We rank 9th for that particular spelling (with this post that rank will probably go up). But that posting will be invisible to anyone searching for "thesaurus".

    So get a toolbar spellchecker. Google toolbar is free and has one.

    • Craig Walters
      Craig Walters commented
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      the bad thing about spell checkers is that they never make a mistake... in spelling. but, they will miss a mis-use of a word spelled correctly, like 'they're' versus 'their'. you may spell it correctly and still have it wrong.

      (they also dont demand capital letters )

    • palms
      palms commented
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      Oh heck that's me Swampy I am terrible for that I have a good excuse though, I detested english lessons at school , love reading, but give me maths anyday ?

      Glad to hear we might get spellchecker back

    • Janet Petty
      Janet Petty commented
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      "but give me maths anyday"

      MATH???? That's why I have a husband and two math majors. Sheesh, I can't even add 2+2 without a calculator. "Math," she says. Ugh!!!
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