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Don't forget to approve comments


  • Doug Nelson
    started a blog post Don't forget to approve comments

    Don't forget to approve comments

    Comments to your blog posts are moderated, meaning you have to manually approve each one (to keep out the [email protected]@ ads). So if you have a comment showing the icon of a little green person with a red X over their mouth, that means no one can see that comment unless you approve it.

    Just check the box next to the icon and either approve it or delete it (for spam).

    • cricket1961
      cricket1961 commented
      Editing a comment

      Trying to approve some comments on my blog, but it is not letting me click on the little box as you suggest above.


    • Doug Nelson
      Doug Nelson commented
      Editing a comment
      What happens? You can see the little checkbox, but it won't accept your click?
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