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How can you have any pudding...


  • Doug Nelson
    started a blog post How can you have any pudding...

    How can you have any pudding...

    ...if you don't eat your meat?

    How many blogs do you subscribe to? I thought so.

    Just as you have to look at photographs if you plan on making your own, and you need to read novels if you plan on writing one, if you want to blog well you have to read good blogs.

    Here are some examples of what I consider good blogs:
    • Rands in Repose - witty and thoughtful musings on nerd life. An excellent example of original writing blog
    • J-Walk Blog - The first blog I ever read regularly. Epitomizes the "interesting links" type of blog
    • Dark Roasted Blend - One of the best "interesting photos" blogs
    • Imaging Insider - A typical "firehose news" blog. More releases than you can possibly read, but well-summarized so you can skip the ones that don't interest you
    • The How-To Geek - One of the best "tips" blogs. He does a lot of his own research, and all his recommendations are well-explained

    Of course, I'd advise you to find your own favorites via or some other blog directory. Plus many blogs have a "blogroll", or a list of other blogs they recommend. So if you find one you like, you might find another in their blogroll.

    And don't forget to find a good RSS reader that you like. All the above are RSS subscribable (as is your new blog here on RetouchPRO), and that's how the vast majority of your readers will follow your blog.
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      Flora, a blog is a form of diary but it is open to all your friend. It is a sharing of thoughts and ideas. BLOG - Binary Log.

      And I must say that you do live a bit like a gypsy, must be fascinating. Where is your favorite place to stay?
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      Most of the information will be duplicated here in the forums, but folks really seem to like the blog format.
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