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Shouting into the abyss


  • Doug Nelson
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    Shouting into the abyss

    I know, some times it feels like no one is listening. This early in the blogging game, you might even be right. The search engines only found these blogs a few days ago, and it will take awhile to be indexed, ranked, etc.

    In addition, unlike the forums, there is currently no way of measuring how many views your blog is getting. This is promised to change in future versions, but in the meantime realize that even if no one comments on your posts, you're still getting read many, many times every day.

    But don't let any of that concern you. This isn't a conversation, it's closer to a book. Each blog entry is a page, and a book with only a few pages isn't going to hold interest for long.

    In the meantime, there are things you can do to get more readers. Aside from the obvious (post regularly, post interesting stuff, etc.), you can also promote your blog.
    • Give your blog a distinct name, not just "X's Blog". (I know it just says "Doug's Blog" at the top here, but if you look in the title bar you'll see that this is actually named "Janitor's Closet")
    • Put your main URL in your email signature. That way every person you email will know it exists.
    • Post to other blogs and forums asking people to check it out. It sounds spammy, but as long as you're posting in an appropriate place, it's not. If you've made the effort to make a good blog, they'll appreciate the tip (just don't post over and over, once will do it).

    Once people find your blog, and like what they see, they'll start recommending it to others. Then you can stop promoting and concentrate just on the writing (I promise, I've been through this).

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      Maybe one more pointer:
      • Visit your blog regularly to accept or reject comments.
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