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Me???????? blogging????????


  • Frank Lopes
    started a blog post Me???????? blogging????????

    Me???????? blogging????????

    Off course I'm kidding!

    This should be fun to blog on my lasted addiction: taking pano photos.

    If you don't know what is, let me try to explain: imagine you are looking at a beautiful scenery but unfortunately you can't capture its full majesty with your camera since it can only capture small sections.

    The way to address the problem is to take several shots that slightly overlap each other and using your favorite image editing tool, artificially stitching them together.

    I will post some of my experiments and hopefully you will also.

    • Doug Nelson
      Doug Nelson commented
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      A panorama blog would be excellent.

      Did you see John Nack's call for comments on PhotoMerge?

    • Frank Lopes
      Frank Lopes commented
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      BY the way....

      When I signed up I noticed that the blog also supports the Akismet anti-spam service hooks.

      If you are a blogger, take a advantage of this free service from WordPress. You can read more about it at It is trivial to sign up and it is free.
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