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Panorama software options


  • Frank Lopes
    started a blog post Panorama software options

    Panorama software options

    I've tried almost a dozen software packages that create panoramas. Most of the time, I found them to be clunky to use, expensive to purchase and most times both.

    I came across Panorama Composer by accident and I'm very impressed with its simplicity, price and speed.

    If you use Photoshop CS3, you already have a great tool in Photomerge.

    If you have Photoshop CS2, and this is your first time creating panoramas, don't waste your time with it. It does not do a very good job and your final results will not be very satisfying.

    Instead download the trial that FirmTools offers of Panorama Composer. If you don't have any good candidates to stitch, use the 9 images that I posted and experiment.

    Let me know what you think.

    • Frank Lopes
      Frank Lopes commented
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      very well done considering the tiny images that I posted!

      Was this your first time creating a pano?
      If not, what have you experimented with?

    • chillin
      chillin commented
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      This was my first panorama using software. I think your pics are so well done that there isn't much for the software to do. Most of the time I would cut, paste, transform, clone, distort & so on to get some “so so” results. I think, everything depends on the quality of the pictures set. Yours are excellent. I'll try different software & compare the results.
      Here is another one, The Panorama Factory Pro by Smoky City Design. I like that the image can be saved in layered PSD file. I also noticed that the perspective is handled differently.

    • wybnormal
      wybnormal commented
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      I use CS3 and Arcsoft myself. I have also used Realviz Stitching software. I keep going back to Arcsoft for my normal panos, Realviz for really tricky ones and CS3 for the quick knock it out right now pano.
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