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  • Frank Lopes
    started a blog post New panorama links

    New panorama links

    Once in a while I come across examples of work that make me realize how much I still have to learn

    View and enjoy these examples

    Prints up to 20"x30" can be ordered directly here by clicking the Buy button. Larger than stated, panorama prints can be ordered via a third party lab. Emai l for larger & wider panorama print order inquiries. Click on the Slideshow button to the right for a better visual & audible experience.

    • Frank Lopes
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      <<what do you see in these images that you don't already do yourself?>>

      Well.... where should I start?

      Specially with Dez Santana's work, it is;

      the light
      the composition
      the richness of the colors
      the sharpness of the image
      the feel for the moment

      Some of these is not a matter of not knowing how to do it as much as a matter of being able to recognize when they happen: having just the correct light, or the right spot where to shoot from.

      Here is an analogy for you baseball fans: you can be a great hitting instructor and not be able to hit a 40mph slow pitch.

      When you are trying to capture the moment, you need to recognize the moment.

      I'm working on it ... but I'm still not there ... if that makes any sense.

    • CJ Swartz
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      It makes total sense; I can appreciate "the moment" that others have captured in images, but I struggle with seeing it in my viewfinder.

      Dez Santana's work looked lovely, but I only saw small sized examples so it was hard for me to judge. I thought you were referring to something about the "pano" technique when you were talking about having much to learn, rather than the other photographic elements.

    • Jaime
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      Another recommended link to visit is Max Lyons Digital Image Gallery. He stitched a gigapixel image (over 1,000,000,000 pixels) which was exhibited in Las Vegas in 2004.To stitch the images he has develop his own program, PTAssembler, a front end GUI for the powerful Panorama Tools.
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