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This is a Rant: things I resent


  • Frank Lopes
    started a blog post This is a Rant: things I resent

    This is a Rant: things I resent

    Having to pay US$5,000 for Nikon's best DSLR (D3), when their top of the line film SLR (F6) goes for US$1,600. So much for advances in digital technology...

    Having to know Photoshop (or PaintShop, or Elements, or Lightzone, or...) to be able to produce a good photograph. I wonder what Ansel Adams did without Adobe...

    Having to shoot sometimes hundreds of photos to capture that special moment. I wonder what the percentage of "keepers" is for top photographers...

    Having to deal with people's hyper sensitivities regarding shooting in certain public places: Maybe he is spying. Let's call the police...

    Having both Nikon and Cannon cameras, why can't I just use the lenses from one in the other? I'm not sure the light passing through the glass elements will care...

    Having to listen to camera manufacturers that my 3 year old, 6 mega pixel DSLR, is no longer good enough and that I need the latest and greatest one that is about to be released, when in reality the camera takes photos just as good now as it did when I bought it. What am I missing here?

    What "gets to you" in photography?
    Post a comment and let me know.

    • Frank Lopes
      Frank Lopes commented
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      Am just cranky with the weather. Had huge snow storm yesterday and another tonight and tomorrow :-) So... you are right: no shooting

      Regarding camera resolution: the resolution is even LESS of an issue if you shoot panos since once the images are stitched, you end up with the equivalent photo of a 16 or 20 mega pixel camera.

      Regarding the adapters: off course you are right. I could buy an adapter that would do the trick. The problem is that sometimes the "foreign" lens is not recognized by the camera, sometimes you lose auto focus, sometimes auto metering is gone... it is always a hack...

      One interesting detail regarding my number of keepers: I get at least twice as many with the tripod than hand held. This has nothing to do with hand held photos being blurred or "shaky". It seems to be the fact that when I take the time to select the spot, set the tripod, mount the camera, install the remote control cable, review exposure and white balance... I slow down... and pay more attention to the details, the light, the composition, the color etc... and I also shoot a LOT less frames...

      Have you notice anything similar to this?

    • teresavigil
      teresavigil commented
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      the camera body never matter, might be wanted but not mattered, what i have though always mattered was great glass, I cried when i sold my 4x5 but you know thigns chandge and move on, i know what kind of mood your in, time to buy somethign new for your gear- been down this road and that will kick you out of that downer mood-

    • Janet Petty
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      You asked, "What gets to you in photography?"

      The first and foremost thing that gets to me in photography has nothing to do with photography and everything to do with life. You see, it just gets in the way sometimes. When I want to go shoot, the weather doesn't cooperate; or my dear hubby has other plans; or my picture taking friends aren't available, etc. etc.

      Mostly it is the latter of the three. Where I usually go, it pays to be on the buddy system. We have rugged hills, poisonous critters, nasty bugs, rabid skunks........... Did I mention isolated? Wouldn't want to get in trouble in them thar woods...alone.

      I absolutely LOVE shooting digital. I've saved more money than I've spent just in film and processing costs alone. I feel I'm a better photographer now than ever. Viva la digital! Who cares how many pixels as long at it does what you want!

      As for keepers: About 3-5 in a 150. The culling process began in earnest when I ran out of hard drive space the first time. Notice I said the first time.

      Replying to the subject of this blog, I love panos. My contest entry for this month (Jan 08) is a pano. Enjoy.
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