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Something different


  • Frank Lopes
    started a blog post Something different

    Something different

    One of my first vertical black & white panos.

    A larger size pano is here

    Any comments?

    • wybnormal
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      Nice, it is a good thing to try something other than the typical long and wide pano. I did one where it is four images in a stacked pattern 2x2. I was able to get resolution of the subject that I could not have gotten any other way or with anything else other than a 8x10 viewfinder camera. Given each square was 10 megapixels, the total megapixel was 40 which can really give you some detail when you zoom in first like I did

      I would post the image but I dont have the rights to insert images

      You can see it here

      I was at Photoshopworld 2007 and there was some discussion about this very subject. Photographers were reminded that things go up and down also, not just sideways.

    • Frank Lopes
      Frank Lopes commented
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      Nice Zeppelin hangar!!
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