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Stitching software


  • Frank Lopes
    started a blog post Stitching software

    Stitching software

    This is by no means an exhaustive list of panorama stitching software packages.

    It is instead, a list of software that I tried at one time or another, or have come in contact with by the recommendation of others.

    The notes come from the publisher's websites and the prices are current as of January of 2008.

    Some releases are free, some commercial. Some of them work on multiple platforms others don't, so buyer beware.

    Consult the websites for availability and latest prices.

    Click the table image below to see the complete list.

    • Janet Petty
      Janet Petty commented
      Editing a comment
      Thank you for the exhaustive list. I've actually tried a couple of those programs.

      Adobe Photoshop CS3 (obviously) and find it does a wonderful job. Couldn't say that about CS2.

      Ptgui is a program that also does a wonderful job. I have a friend who uses it exclusively; and the panos he makes are remarkable.

      I also tried the free program autostitch. IMHO, you get what you pay for with this program. Yes, it did a great job stitching the pano together. It also gave me a final file size of about 200 kb. I couldn't even print it. To be fair, it might have been me and my infamous ability to get it wrong. Too late, I deleted it from the computer after a couple of trials.

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