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Why didn't anybody tell me that BuzzPro has preset


  • Why didn't anybody tell me that BuzzPro has preset

    Today I added some texture to a couple of sheep at Flickr

    It's funny. Now that I've reverse engineered how to make traditional texture I'm content to use the Free ones available at Flickr.

    I do miss when I first started playing with textures by using foliage, fabric and things like stained glass windows. The results unpredictable and surprising. Now I know that a few scratches, some mottles and a gradient with bright spot in the middle is a sure fire way to make a composite come together.

    and I've uploaded my first picture to DeviantArt.

    I really like trying to make photographs look like old oil paintings.

    DeviantArt has so many wonderful models for use there exclusively I thought I'd do a few photomanipulations of them for fun.

    Why didn't anybody tell me that BuzzPro has presets? They have a pallet knife preset that I find intriguing especially when combined with SnapArt's impasto (or BuzzPro emboss)

    • palms
      palms commented
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      If it is of any consolation to you Nasturtium i only worked the presets out about 6 months ago ! ! ! ! ! and the pallete knife is one i really like and use a bit
      mind you, you have gone one better than me i have never uploaded a picture to deviant even though i have been a member for quite a few years


    • Diane
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      Where is the Buzz pro preset?

    • Nasturtium
      Nasturtium commented
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      I mean the stacks...
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