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Why didn't anybody tell me that BuzzPro has preset


  • Why didn't anybody tell me that BuzzPro has preset

    Today I added some texture to a couple of sheep at Flickr

    It's funny. Now that I've reverse engineered how to make traditional texture I'm content to use the Free ones available at Flickr.

    I do miss when I first started playing with textures by using foliage, fabric and things like stained glass windows. The results unpredictable and surprising. Now I know that a few scratches, some mottles and a gradient with bright spot in the middle is a sure fire way to make a composite come together.

    and I've uploaded my first picture to DeviantArt.
    DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.

    I really like trying to make photographs look like old oil paintings.

    DeviantArt has so many wonderful models for use there exclusively I thought I'd do a few photomanipulations of them for fun.

    Why didn't anybody tell me that BuzzPro has presets? They have a pallet knife preset that I find intriguing especially when combined with SnapArt's impasto (or BuzzPro emboss)

    • palms
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      If it is of any consolation to you Nasturtium i only worked the presets out about 6 months ago ! ! ! ! ! and the pallete knife is one i really like and use a bit
      mind you, you have gone one better than me i have never uploaded a picture to deviant even though i have been a member for quite a few years


    • Diane
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      Where is the Buzz pro preset?

    • Nasturtium
      Nasturtium commented
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      I mean the stacks...
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