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just picked up Eismann's Restoration & Retouching


  • just picked up Eismann's Restoration & Retouching

    I just got this book. I'm not so interested in restoration but am really into retouching...

    first thing I learned was that you can pick tonal ranges with the color range tool. ^5

    And last night I read about the difference between the clone stamp and the healing brush. Nifty stuff.

    I'm really looking forward to learning the nitty-gritty on how to use all those little eye-droppers in all the different windows.

    I WISH there was someone who knew ACR like Scott Kelby, LAB like Margulis and PS like Eismann...because it's hard to know which way to manipulate things in PS because there are so many choices. It would be cool to have an even higher over view of how to fix an image.

    [Later] I'm really enjoying all her editorial comments on the importance of images. I have to admit I felt like the retouching I'm doing felt important even thought I 'knew' it was frivolous. She explains that.

    Now I won't feel so guilty for spending time on pictures (portraits mostly) that people send me to 'do something' with.

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      Roll up your sleeves, girl, and you could be the one just joking, good book

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      Just ask. Someone will know at least some of your questions.

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