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Color cast repair (Eismann retouch book)


  • Color cast repair (Eismann retouch book)

    Holy moly! DH is red/green color blind and didn't notice that his white balance was all the way to one side in the green picture on the left. I fixed this with levels, curves and apply image (on channels). This is some powerful stuff.

    I got lost in chapter four...

    I've never thought to combine blending modes with adjustment layers. Cool.

    • kirills
      kirills commented
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      Hi, I've read Katrins book also. It's actually good, but I think you removeded color cast not correctly. It is moved to yellow color cast on your second photo.
      Look at my try

    • Nasturtium
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      kirills - thanks, yes, I think you're right. The thing with 'apply image' on a channel to correct a color cast is I don't know how to calculate exactly how much effect to use.
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