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It's my birhtday and I can Photoshop if I want to


  • It's my birhtday and I can Photoshop if I want to

    On my birthday I decide not to worry about anything and just play with Photoshop. I forgot about perspective, light, color and trying to make any kind of sense. It turned out to be a rather interesting exercise in imagination. Makes me wonder how much we have to force eyes to see in our made up images and how much we can trust our brains to complete the story.

    • palms
      palms commented
      Editing a comment
      to you sorry it is a bit late !
      glad you had a nice day, what bliss to just play with photoshop all day !

      Here is another good one for you to try out
      try making a image as bad as you can, sounds simple ? you spend just as much time trying to get it too look bad

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