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don't shoot the retoucher


  • Nasturtium
    started a blog post don't shoot the retoucher

    don't shoot the retoucher

    I'm finding the coverage (or lack there of :-) of Jennifer Hawkin's nude cover on Feb 2010 Australian Marie Claire endlessly amusing. First of all who uses the term 'air brushing' anymore? And second of all it seems completely arbitrary to me that she can have the best make-up, photographers and lighting but entering the digital darkroom is a no no. lol, like nothing happens in camera. Yawn! This argument is so tired.

    I got a number of books on Photoshop for Christmas which I am slowly working my way though. I suppose it's not unexpected that Margulis would say that LAB is almost always better than RAW processing but personally I found it a total relief to have such a definitive answer and am in the process of adjusting my workflow accordingly. Towards the end of 'Professional Photoshop' it actually started to make sense, gasp! Now if I can just tie that together with the Russell Brown tutorial where he changes the file's color space and makes extra channels (can't find it again, if you know what I'm talking about please send me the link) then I am in for some fun experimenting.

    I also received Steve Caplin's 'How to Cheat' which is totally mind boggling - how can he be so organized and creative at the same time? I accidentally got it for CS4 and I am so glad that I did because it gradually explains the new features.

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      I have a sneaking suspicion it it's the one: Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful Colorspace! lol, should have done a search first! >.< sorry!

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      2mittsphotog, start with the Canyon Conundrum

      go here to read more;

      there is a detailed discussion of the Margulis' books on DGrin.

      and keep in mind the Margulis wrote those books before there was ACR (Adobe camera raw) which makes some of his arguments in favor of the Lab color space obsolete.

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      I'll certainly look into it, thank you so much for the reply.
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