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    Windows > Mac

    I guess I should chronicle my switch from windows to Mac here.

    Why a Mac? DH was behind on a 50th birthday present and a 30th wedding anniversary present and the local shop ran an amazing 3 day sale. So he told me it was now or never. They were clearing things out for an end January inventory count we suspect.

    First of all the dinky keyboard, isn't. It's really slick. I type with all my fingers and it's a joy. I haven't really gotten the shortcuts for cut and paste to work (which meant I got locked out of RetouchPRO while trying to log in on the new machine. The horror! The horror!) The magic mouse is pretty neat but the first thing I did was install my Bamboo fun.

    What struck DH and me most is that things seem logical. With setting things up on Windows we usually puzzle through something and once solved think, 'now why in the world did they do it that way/put it there?!' But setting up the Mac it's more like, 'But of course! That's so logical.' DH keeps remarking on how functional and beautiful the design is both the physical structure of the hardware and the software.

    I am lamenting the dearth of digital darkroom software. I tried to download a trial of Corel but it didn't go well. There was nowhere to choose between PC/Mac and I think I got the PC version.

    I was afraid seeing my work on a 21.5 inch monitor would make me cringe...and it does...but because it's all so bright and colorful. Actually the bigger monitor makes everything look better. I was able to see some flawed places on the skin of the RAW file that I had missed.

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      thank you...that is great news, I may convert on my next purchase too.

    • bpurvis
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      I had no idea. Just figured that I was locked into a pc forever!

    • PhiladelphiaPro
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      Buying a MAC or PC is a preference because I use both and I find the my Photoshop CS4 runs better on my PC. If your PC monitor was dark it's because you didn't calibrate it, which means that your MAC monitor is probably not calibrated either and believe me, it's too bright to do any serious retouching with.

      I can only assume that the people who complain about "logical" navigation on a PC are just not computer saavy. Because a 4 year old can operate a certain brand of computer doesn't make it better.

      I probably wouldn't have commented on this if you would have mentioned the real reason why you bought a MAC and it was simply because; you wanted one.
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