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there must be a better way


  • Nasturtium
    started a blog post there must be a better way

    there must be a better way

    I've been watching tons of tutorials over the last week on how and why to retouch. I think the perfect teacher would have the following qualities;

    Philosophy of Chris Orwig (most definitely a favorite)
    breadth of knowledge of Deke McClelland (he's amazingly thorough)
    and the voice of Colin Smith (I can listen to him endlessly)

    Notes on changing to a Mac.
    The magic mouse can be programmed to have a right click. Woot!

    There's good and bad about the glossy screen. I have to take frequent breaks or risk a headache. In one sense it makes everything look good. In another sense I can see details that were not visible before so it's difficult to know when I'm done.

    Many, many of the free plug-ins aren't available for the Mac. I do have a Windows partition but it's such a pain to use that I probably won't.

    I can't believe how quickly I was able to rebuild my Nano. This was a task I was avoiding and it only took a couple of hours.
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