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Professional Imaging 2010


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    Professional Imaging 2010

    Yesterday I went to a Photography trade show. Scott Kelby was the big draw. He seems like such an approachable down to earth guy.

    I got to play with the new Cintiq. Which was really cool. While I was waiting in line for my turn I thought working without shortcuts would be problematic but it was a non-issue. It would be terrific to actually work on the image. It was very difficult to hand over the stylus to the next person in the queue.

    The show was full of wedding books and large format printers. I got to see Eizo and LaCie monitors.

    I also sat in on a class on FinalCut Pro - just because I could. Nik software was there but I think they were the only plug in with a stand.

    What impressed me most was Frank Doorhof. He'd brought along models and makeup artists and was working in association with a lighting company. I really felt like I was in the presence of greatness.

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      Thank you for the nice comments.
      I hope it was not to busy at the booth, I really wanted to meet up with everyone but sometimes there simply were too many people.
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