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Concept camera/Stuff you need to know


  • Concept camera/Stuff you need to know

    Concept camera
    As I try to teach myself how to use the SLR I keep finding myself thinking 'wouldn't it be nice' if-
    • the viewfinder was on the bottom
    • there was a tiny built-in tripod that folded out
    • that there was a slider that chose a wheel for; ISO, aperture or shutterspeed
    • there was a notch where I could stabilize the camera on the bridge of my nose

    Then I wouldn't cover the LCD with nose grease, I wouldn't have to deal with pretentious inscrutable names for settings and maybe I could shoot crisper images

    Stuff you need to know;
    I've been taking some plug-ins out for test drives in a quest to find a way to duplicate the 'blush' setting in Virtual Photographer since it isn't available on the mac.

    And I realized that if you know how to correct a color cast, correct an exposure, enhance and decrease detail - then you can create an artistic color cast, and an artistic exposure and an artistic level of detail. Which is pretty much what those plugins do.

    • Nasturtium
      Nasturtium commented
      Editing a comment
      two more things on the 'wish list' for cameras-
      how about a little computer chip on the removable lens that contains the depth of focus calculation at different settings?
      how about using the built in flash trigger on a Canon 40D to use the flash in a Powershot as a slave?

    • xippix
      xippix commented
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      "Then I wouldn't cover the LCD with nose grease"

      Well, A hassy would fix that

      But it would also fix the weight of your wallet...
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