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iPad - resistance is futile


  • Nasturtium
    started a blog post iPad - resistance is futile

    iPad - resistance is futile

    My first thought on handling the iPad was that Adrian Monk would have a devil of a time with all the fingerprints on the screen. SNL should do a skit where he keeps wiping his fingerprints off of the screen. (like I do)

    My second thought was that this was an expat's dream...the NY Times on a Sunday morning

    I will say that I love browsing with a touchscreen.- despite all the fingerprints.

    • Doug Nelson
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      I'm viewing this right now on my own new iPad. Be careful of the autocorrect when typing

    • shadow-h
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      Yes that auto-correct is so fast and just as you hit send.... it changes something. As far as the fingerprints... I am usually sitting in a shaded or dark area, so you don't notice them. But the other day I pulled it out of my camera bag to show a friend some recent photos as we sat outside on the patio....and dear god it looked like a snotty nosed kid had been playing and palming it... it was disgusting. Whip out a cloth... but other then that I love my ipad!

    • brecklundin
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      While I am not an aPpLe fan at all, in fact I dislike the company greatly but that feud goes back about 30yrs. Still while the iPad is nothing new nor is it exciting from a tech POV, it is a nice device. It makes a nice ebook reader when not in the direct sunlight, serviceable video player and essentially most of the features I had on my old Sony nx73v PDA from 1994 all in a nice larger slat PC form is a nice start for the product family. Still I am resisting until the market for Slate PC's matures a bit more over the next 6-10 months. I still have high hopes for devices based on the PixelQi brand panels as well as the PVI color EPD panels (think color Eink brand type displays...and for those who don't know, Eink is a brand not a type of display...but color EPD panels are about 12-18 months away right now soooo, if the right deal comes along sooner like a basic 16gb or even 32gb, face it memory is cheap, iPad for $200 new, ummmm, that would be near to impossible to resist, even for this long suffering MS guy....I do think the Nano family of devices are about the coolest MP3 player ever, if that helps...hehehehe )

      What I would LOVE is a version of the iPad that supports full tethering but that is gonna be a generation or two for any of the devices in this class.

      I really have yet to read where anyone has a vaild reason for not liking using an iPad. other reasons are personal and all equally vaild or specious but from a use standpoint, the iPad is a nice have no idea how hard that is to write!! hehehe...
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