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Everything is possible


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    Everything is possible

    I'm acting like a kid in a candy store - I don't really know where to start. I downloaded the full CS5 suite so I that I could take it out for a spin. Firing up InDesign was like a breath of fresh air. I used it umpteen years ago. It was like I've been holding my breath since using it last and finally exhaled. Now I can easily do all the text+image layout stuff that has been stymieing me in other programs.

    So now do I study; 3D, animation, website layout?

    I was lucky enough to attend a strobist workshop on Thursday given by Martin Hogeboom. It was really a treat to see him work and get a glimpse into his creative process. He's really big on using things already in the a big print in the room where we were working. I held it up to create a deeper shadow over the model so he could control the light that fell on her from the flash. It was a great experience because a) he uses Canon equipment and b) it demystified off-camera flash - something that had seemed rather esoteric and intimidating - to me anyway.

    In photography do I go deeper into HDR, flash?

    But I find myself spread pretty thin and am not sure in which direction I should concentrate.
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