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my place in geekdom is confirmed


  • Nasturtium
    started a blog post my place in geekdom is confirmed

    my place in geekdom is confirmed

    I really have a hard time finding lipstick the right color. And have thrown away too much money on the wrong color.

    So I thought - why doesn't someone make an application where you take a photo of yourself with a white piece of paper. Then your true lip color could be converted to HSL or LAB and matched against a database of lipstick colors and voila! The best and right shade would be found.

    If only I knew of an online lipstick color database.

    The first test results are in though because I used this method last week to pick out a new hair color. This could be used for foundation as well but I haven't a clue how one would figure out the right luminosity.

    See? Geekdom, confirmed.

    • Littlecoo
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      Oh yes, I'm hearin' ya LOL!
      If only I knew of an online lipstick color database
      Or how about PMS numbers- for those of us that keep Pantone swatch books in our handbags...ya know...just in case. 'Monsoon Cherry'? What the heek colour is that??? Gimmie PMS#221C!

    • Nasturtium
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      Littlecoo-you sound like a lady after my own heart. I dare you to walk up to the Bobby Brown counter and ask for color #6b3044
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