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the placement of wings on imaginary creatures


  • the placement of wings on imaginary creatures

    So I've been thinking. I know where you'd put wings on a human...and on a horse...but where would you put them on a centaur? If they were on the man's shoulders they'd flap into the horse part and he'd probably fly lop-sided. If you place them on the horse...well aerodynamically I don't see how that would work either.

    And why do they usually used feathered wings? Why not airplane wings? I would love to see a steampunk helicopter angel - wouldn't you?

    And why aren't there any hang gliding or dirigible Photoshopped angels?

    I've realized lately that with RAW images you always have the opportunity to second guess yourself. That is not necessarily a good thing with the infinite number of editing possibilities available with Photoshop. Watching Russell Brown play with Pixel Bender made me realize that smart objects give you yet another way to always second guess yourself.

    I stumbled across the (NSFW~ nudity warning ) amazing work of Christophe Gilbert last week. I think that it must be amazing to work in a team on a concept.

    "When you think alike together with an art director, you realize how much further it can go."

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      I've always found the wings thing a bit of a suspension-of-disbelief situation: animals that do have wings don't have arms too, so wings on a person, or a horse, or a centaur are already implausible

    • twtracy
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      Goggled: winged centaur; 17,900 images; One winged centaur for your consideration. The subject deserves further consideration and imagination.
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