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Wacom Bamboo stylus top is an eraser


  • Nasturtium
    started a blog post Wacom Bamboo stylus top is an eraser

    Wacom Bamboo stylus top is an eraser

    How did I not know this? If I turn my stylus over...the tip is an eraser. Who knew?

    This month I am working through a book on Illustrator. It's certainly making me think differently about how I use Photoshop.

    • Babble
      Babble commented
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      I have known about the eraser for a long time but usually I just select the eraser tool since that seems more natural for me than flipping the pen over. You can learn keyborad shortcuts as well. Look in the software help file to find them.

    • diacovoni
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      Can you elaborate on how illustrator will make you re-think how you use photoshop. I have a book to learn illustrator as well, just haven't spent the time. How will it change my photoshop work flow?

    • Nasturtium
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      I'm not very far into it but for starters I didn't know that holding the tip of my stylus over a tool on the toolbar would make all the other options appear...I had been grabbing the mouse and right clicking.

      The process of understanding vectors ~ going deeper into what can be done with creating, combining and editing paths with the pen tool will enable me to work more efficiently there.

      I'd never really used 'place' before either...and now I'm finding it rather handy in PS.

      those kind of tips are what I meant since there's a lot of crossover between the Adobe Creative Suite programs.
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