In talking to people lately I've noticed that they've used the term 'Photoshop' to mean any kind of digital editing.

So even if they are using iPhoto or any other kind of software they call it 'Photoshopping' not digital retouching (that last sure doesn't roll easily off of the tongue). We just don't seem to have a good word that describes post processing.

In the two years since I started editing my photographs in the computer I've noticed a shift from; the-only-good-picture-is-one-that-comes-straight-out-of-the-camera to you-have-to-be-an-excellent-photographer-PLUS-a-talented-and-knowledgeable-post-processor to really created a compelling image. I find this curious because it's just a shift in opinion.

The deeper I delve into digital photography the more I think that we've just barely entered the digital image age. Which is why I find innovative ideas like mirrorless cameras fascinating. I'm surprised, now that cameras have GPS's - why isn't there a good camera with a basic phone?

Here's my crazy idea of the day. Now that our pictures have all kinds of meta data attached to them...and now that there's face recognition and all the ways to sift through images (thank you Flickr apps developers) why doesn't someone come up with a digital image iPod concept? It could be used as screen saver or in a digital picture frame. Or any way that you can view digital images. Wouldn't it be fun to have 'playlists' that were for types of images instead of songs?