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Dutch Utopia, Dutch Heaven


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    Dutch Utopia, Dutch Heaven

    Dutch Utopia
    There's a local exhibit of American oil paintings of Holland from the late 1800's called Dutch Utopia. They have that amazing chiaroscuro light...but with pale impressionist colors. I do believe this could be the 'missing link' between van Gogh's dark Flemish style and his work that started in the Paris salon and ended in Provence. Fun stuff. They painted idyllic Dutch villages while in America industrialization was making the landscape not so picaresque. My one beef with this museum though, is that they position the most spectacular work of art so that it is the first thing that you see (this is not the first time). I would prefer to start with the tiny, exquisite pieces and have the tour progress to where it builds and ends with best.
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    Dutch Heaven
    With the encouragement of a friend I attended at networking event hosted by a modeling agency called Dutch Heaven. A fun day was organized to present some of their new hires. It was really great to see the girls gain in confidence as the day wore on. I'm pretty sure I was the only one there with a portfolio full of Photoshopped work. But it was quite interesting to me to just look at the other photographer's work- we were urged to bring portfolios. All I can say is that ... it takes all kinds, lol. And it forced me away from the computer and out into the real world to actually connect with flesh and blood people, eek!

    Erwin Olaf's Dusk to Dawn
    I have to admit I didn't understand the admiration for Erwin Olaf after seeing some of the things he's done by viewing them online. But I do respect the retouchers here at RetouchPRO who hold him in high esteem. So when I saw that he has a photography exhibit at the Hermitage in Amsterdam I visited one Saturday. The huge black and white canvases move you on a visceral level. It was like being hit by an emotional sonic boom in the solar plexus. His work will always be on a different frequency than my particular taste but now I can see how he follows through on a concept on daring and highly creative level.
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