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should you Squidoo!?


  • Nasturtium
    started a blog post should you Squidoo!?

    should you Squidoo!?

    It's hard to balance between promoting your work and producing it.

    There are an endless myriad of ways to promote yourself online from simple blogs (Twitter, anyone?) to full blown websites.

    I'm having a blast investigating the possibilities - Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger etc. And it's really fun to update my skills since my HTML/Frontpage days. But I seem to be wandering down many, many blind alleys.

    It seems that I learn at least one new term a day. Yesterday when playing with Wordpress templates I came across the phrase 'widget-ready', lol.

    Right now I have a few feeds that are automatically picked up by my Tumblr blog. I can't seem to resist fiddling with the style of how posts are displayed there.

    Is a website ever 'done'? Is it better just to paste, I mean link to some random Squidoo! pages you've made? Does everything have to be viewable on a hand held/mobile device?

    It's not really feasible to exhaust all the possibilities. At what point do you say it's good enough? And simply go with it?
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