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unexpected benefit of making a Facebook page


  • unexpected benefit of making a Facebook page

    I finally got around to making a Facebook page. Part of the process was unfriending all my design resource pages in my personal account and then refriending (is that a word?) from my page. What was so nice was cleaning up my news feed. Now I only get the news from family/friends in my personal feed.

    It's really nice to have all the Photoshop/art feeds in one place instead of mixed in with status updates.

    I still need to rationalize all the different websites I follow; some are on Google Reader, others on Twitter and now I have some within Facebook. It makes no sense to me to get the same news 2 or 3 times so I need to unsubscribe/unfollow any duplication.

    I've ended up back at Wordpress for my website. After investigating many, many possibilities I just sat myself down one day and thought, THAT many people can't be wrong. Wordpress must be wildly popular for a reason. I spent about a day being terribly, terribly confused and then I figured it out. Now it pretty much rocks as far as CMS goes. I took advantage of an online sale to buy a customizable theme which has made the design process much more enjoyable.

    Now if I could just figure out why I can't get my custom Twitter background to upload. Apparently a jpeg with EXIF data might be the problem.

    Adobe Bridge woes
    I'd finally had it with Bridge and posted in the Adobe forum that it was driving me nuts with it's slowness and constant crashes. What I hadn't considered was me trying to access large files over wireless was never going to work well. Now I'm much happier using Lightroom to make a little catalog of my images locally and then using Bridge on local files only.
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