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Unorthodox use of Firebug


  • Nasturtium
    started a blog post Unorthodox use of Firebug

    Unorthodox use of Firebug

    So I'm playing around with Firebug on Mozilla (it let's you 'try out' CSS on a webpage). Reading white text on a black background is murder to read on my Mac ... so I thought why not change the background color to something less migraine inducing? After I found the code for the background color I replaced the black with a medium gray ... and voila! It worked a treat. I'm thinking this would also work on those sites where there isn't enough contrast between the background and text colors for legibility.

    I'm following Chris Coyier's Wordpress course and totally crushing on him. :-) He's a great teacher and has such a nice voice and wonderful manner.
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