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2 new sites (to me) this week


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    started a blog post 2 new sites (to me) this week

    2 new sites (to me) this week

    Stumbled across two new websites this week;

    I was tempted to sign up for a splash page at but was too embarrassed to when I realized my page would have about 20 links. It appears to be a site that creates a splash page with links to all your virtual hang-outs. Why you couldn't do this on a personal website, I dunno. There seems to be no place for false modesty in this social media age.

    I'm not a fan of splash pages because it makes you click one-more-time. Ugh. Which is ironic because the theme I trying to get to work on my Wordpress site assumes you're going to have one...I like this theme because it's full page width.

    Also came across which is worth a peak. There are just so many photography showcase sites out there. I'm wondering which one(s) are worth my time.

    I found this designer's website totally charming - especially the text.
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