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Dear Santa


  • palms
    started a blog post Dear Santa

    Dear Santa

    Here is my wish list for xmas (not pushing my luck and saying which year its for )
    I know we have had the new pc recently so wont push my luck and ask for cs3 yet but i would like

    dynamic photo hdi (software)
    fractaulis (filter)

    as well as the usual choccys and smellies

    I have kept the list small for now but may add to it in the near future

    May i also add that i have tried to be good all year i have listened to the advice given me from Swampy (and others)
    tried not to wind Peter S up to much
    and not post too many flower photo's for Steve C ( well maybe a few to many for his liking ) and of course help new comers and beginners (as i was )
    so hoping you will look favorably on little me

    • palms
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      i am wounded now but will try harder


    • CJ Swartz
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      Palms, I'm sure that Santa knows how deserving you are, and will try to find room in his bag for some of your software. Gotta watch out for those elves, though -- some of them might be into HDR images and software and might try taking it out of your bag and putting it in theirs.

    • palms
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      Good point CJ I had better put some mouse traps in ( but boy is it getting harder to wait, the temptation is huge )

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